Feeling stressed? Come to our Yoga & Guided Relaxation event held every Wednesday from 7-8:30pm at The Change Initiative to experience deep relaxation through yoga, live ambient music, and guided relaxation. This event will take place at The Change Initiative and price is 50 AED. Please bring yoga mat, small pillow, and blanket for your own comfort.

Hatha Yoga with Naghmeh Manshadi

Naghmeh is has completed over 200 hours of yoga training. She is incredibly passionate about helping people achieve greater states of wellbeing. Her classes assist people to relax, strengthen their muscles, and improve their flexibility, while at the same time improving concentration and mindfulness.

Hatha yoga — “ha” meaning sun and “tha” meaning moon — is a form of yoga that aims to balance the feminine and masculine energies within and unionize body, mind and spirit with a focus on asanas, or postures; the breath; and staying present in the moment. Hatha yoga practice has been shown to reduce stress & anxiety, lower blood pressure, and improve balance & flexibility.

Guided Relaxation/Yoga Nidra with Bobak Torabi and Naghmeh Manshadi

Bobak is a holistic health practitioner and musician of 20 years. Having studied the healing powers of sound and music, he brings his two passions together to create ambient performances that leave people feeling relaxed, and harmonized.

Yoga Nidra means conscious and aware sleep. It is that state when you are totally relaxed yet conscious and aware. Similar to when you are just about to fall asleep. Yoga Nidra practices were developed thousands years ago as a means to achieve the deepest states of inner peace and relaxation. It is a way to positively impact and recondition your mind’s subconscious layers. Yoga Nidra can help you solve problems and enhance both your intuition and your creativity. It has also been found to reduce tension and anxiety. It will rejuvenate your body and your mind.

Please bring yoga mat, small pillow, and blanket for your own comfort.

For more info you can call Bobak at 0528851352

The Change Initiative

The Change Initiative is making an effort to equip people to make responsible lifestyle choices. It is an exciting new one stop destination, providing sustainable solutions for the community, business and government. These include a carefully selected range of household products, appliances and building solutions that combine technology and good design. From ideas to improve insulation and lessen energy use, to eco-friendly furniture, paints and fashion accessories, The Change Initiative delivers products that are stylish and ecologically sound. The Change Initiative promises to deliver sustainability easily, and with style.


The Change Initiative
Al Barsha 1
Sheikh Zayed Road, near Ibis Hotel
opposite Wellington School

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