Pressures of modern day living create social, physical and sometimes spiritual imbalances. People naturally seek help and assistance and sometimes the help of experts to balance out those areas of their lives that bring pressure.
Evolve Events ultimate goal is therefore to create a place and a medium to bring about, balance, peace and better health in peoples lives.We design, create and deliver events that are transformational, from encouraging community participation, diversity and development to self awareness, education, entertainment and personal development.
We specialize in experiential edutainment, which is the merging of interactive learning with entertainment.
We develop programs and connect leaders and experts in the specialized fields of personal growth, holistic health, and performance arts.  These leaders facilitate and inspire, by assisting with self understanding and helping people realize and reaching their full potential.

  • Naghmeh Manshadi

    Naghmeh Manshadi – Chief Evolving officer A British-born Entrepreneur, with a vast amount of experience in International Communications, Business Development and Advertising. She is a current resident in the UAE. After completing a BA focused on Communications and Media in London, she went on to set-up a successful Advertising and Publishing Company at the early age of 22, merging and selling the company at 25. She then entered the Property Development industry. She effectively spear-headed a large number of projects and Managed a Property Portfolio worth £300 Million with a work force of 150 people, alongside Managing Properties of her own. After completing the project she became Head of Business Development for BSC Group and worked directly with the CEO to Continue Reading